Academic Offer

More than 100 bachelor, master and doctoral degrees in most of fields of knowledge for you to choose. All of them adapted to the European Credit Transfer System and officially recognized all around the European Higher Education Area.

Study in english

For international students courses in English are a good opportunity to study in a different country and learn comfortably. For those who want to study at UDC but prefer to study in English because they do not feel confident to study in Spanish or they want to learn two languages, we present our academic offer in English covering different fields of study.

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International degrees

The University of A Coruña offers international degrees in the framework of bilateral agreements with other European institutions. These double and joint degrees are intended to give the students the appropriate skills necessary to improve their opportunities to develop a professional career in the current evolving global environment.

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Study Abroad Programmes

The University of A Coruña has stablished agreements with foreign institutions in order to organize specific Study Abroad programmes aimed at international students

Language Center

The Language Centre is a dynamic spot in our also dynamic institution. The Centre gives the students visiting us under one of our mobility programmes the opportunity to learn Spanish as a Foreign Language, and also to those who stay with us for shorter periods of time. This institution also offers courses of English, German, French, Italian and Portuguese.

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Linguistic Standardization Service

Galicia has an own language: Galician. The Linguistic Standardization Service organizes a Galician summer course for foreign people, including different workshops and guided city tours. Likewise, this service takes part, together with the other two Galician universities, in the organization of an intensive course of the Galician language for incoming students.

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