Culture & Sports at UDC

Culture and sports have always been considered strategic priorities for the UDC. For that reason, they play an important part in the strategy of our University.


Discover A Coruña

Located beside the Atlantic Ocean, A Coruña is a historic town with the Tower of Hercules, a World Heritage Site since 2009, as its symbol. Apart from its Romanesque collection of streets and churches, you will find museums, cultural facilities, modern malls, beaches at the town centre and a special lifestyle famous all over Spain (picture by Oscar Blanco)

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Discover Ferrol

The Magdalena district, modernism, the arsenal, the naval museums, the old town (Ferrol Vello), San Felipe Castle and the estuary fortifications, its gastronomy, its natural surroundings, the estuary and its beaches, Holy Week (Semana Santa) and the festivals and traditions...these are at least 10 reasons to visit Ferrol.

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Cooperation and Volunteering

The Cooperation and Volunteering Office works with different Non-Governmental Organizations and develops its own programmes.

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Students' associations


Run by students and for students, these international associations are aimed at providing a variety of activities, assistance and services. Students’ associations are the representative bodies of international students on University campuses. They help our incoming students to make their experience abroad a success.

At the University of A Coruña you can find :